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Prepping for Championship Season

With less than 6 weeks remaining of the Mepham Track season, we shift gears to phase 4 of our training cycle. This is where we get ready to reach our "peak" performances. During this phase the focus is on the races. Mileage drops during recovery runs to allow for more recovery to take place and to freshen up the legs. The intensity during workouts is increased to simulate the races more, however, the duration and frequency of workouts are decreased. Quality over quantity is emphasized as we prepare for the championships.

Monday, May 7 - 2-mile warm-up (:30 second surge at the 5:00 and 10:00 mark of the 2-mile run). Drills/Dynamic Stretches/Strides; Workout: 2 x 300-meters fast (12-minutes recovery w/light jogging in-between). 1-mile cool-down jog, stretch and rehab.

Tuesday, May 8 - 45-minute recovery run; Balances/Walks/Drills/Strides/Stretch

Wednesday, May 9:

*Maroon Group - Warm-up jog to Newbridge Park; Drills/Dynamic Stretches/Strides; Workout: 10 x hill sprints (walk down hill for recovery - sprint back up); 4-mile jog back to Mepham, stretch and rehab

*Grey Group - 30-minute recovery run; Balances/Walks/Drills/Strides/Stretch

Thursday, May 10:

*Maroon Group - 45-minute recovery run; Balances/Walks/Drills/Strides/Stretch

*Grey Group - DMR East Coast Challenge at the Loucks Games

Friday, May 11:

*Maroon Group - 20-minute tempo run/4 x 200

*Grey Group - A-Squad: 20-minute recovery jog/B-Squad - Loucks Games

Saturday, May 12:

*MaroonGroup - 30-minute recovery run; Balances/Walks/Drills/Strides/Stretch

*Grey Group - Loucks Games

Sunday, May 13: OFF

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