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This is the first week of spring track practice for the Mepham distance runners. Most of these runners have already completed a cross country season in the fall and a winter track and field season.. Others have done other sports including soccer, volleyball, wrestling and basketball so everybody has a strong fitness base. The following is not recommended for those that are brand new to running or have not been training for a while.

Monday, March 5: Warm-up: 2-miles of easy jogging followed by drills and dynamic stretching. 3-mile tempo run @ a steady pace. (Total mileage - 5 miles)

Tuesday, March 6: Warm-up: Easy jog to Newbridge Park (About a mile and a half from Mepham).

Workout: 10 x short hill sprints (Sprint up the hill, walk down and repeat 10 times).

Cool-down: 4-mile easy run back to Mepham.

Wednesday, March 7: 45-minutes of cardio (or active recovery)

Thursday, March 8: Warm-up: 2-miles of easy jogging

Workout: 40-seconds fast followed by 3-minutes easy - repeat for 6 sets;

Cool-down: 1-mile of easy jogging

Friday, March 9: 30-minutes of light jogging

Saturday, March 10: Warm-up: 2-miles

Workout: Long Intervals - 3 x 1200-meters with a 400-meter recovery jog after each

Cool-down: 1-mile jog

Sunday, March 11: Off

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